Got Questions? Need Info?

While I anticipate being busy (I signed up for quite a bit of volunteering at the agent/editor pitching sessions), I expect I’ll be able to sleuth some tasty nuggets of information for you.  If there is something you want to know, post it here and I’ll try and find the answer. I can’t promise to find everything but I sure will try.


5 thoughts on “Got Questions? Need Info?

  1. I hope you’re having a great time! I think your approach to the conference is a smart one. Do what you can’t do as well at home! 🙂 Please keep your ear to the gfound for any buzz about the Dorchester/Textnovel cell phone novel contest. Just curious! Thanks!

  2. What are the trends they are seeing right now? What’s selling, obviously! With Allison Brennen’s success in Romantic Thrillers, do they see that market as still growing?

    Thank you! Hope you’re having a blast 🙂


  3. Hi Kim – I hope you are having a great time! Thanks for offering to be our eyes and ears 🙂

    My humble request 🙂 Can you keep a mental note of the really cool authors to send invitations to our Readers Luncheon? See who are the rising stars and the established authors who might consider being our keynote speaker one day?

    If you run into Nora Roberts — ask her if we consider moving our event out of April, would she consider being our keynote speaker? Just in case you get stuck in the elevator with her or something …. not that I’m praying for that to happen or anything….

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