Off to Nationals!

It’s that time of the year again and I’m very excited since it’s been at least three since I’ve been to RWA’s National Writer’s Conference. This on is in Washington DC which, for me, is just a location since I expect to stay in the hotel. My goal this year is networking, networking, networkin and more networking.  Plus, getting as much industry information as I can.

I’m very excited that I have two appointments set up with two of my top fav agents. Sure, technically, I “won” them in the Brenda Novak Diabeties Auction. Somehow, I feel as if I’m getting the better end of the deal. I won a critique of a partial from each and with one, a specific meeting at Nationals. The other agent, after doing my critique, is kind enough to let me ask follow-up questions at a short meeting.  Works for me!

My plans are also to soak up as much marketing, promotion and platform information as I can. This would all be around my volunteer assignments.  I’ve signed up to help out quite a bit – mostly at the editor/agent pitch appointments. Figure I can not only rub elbows with agents and editors I only read about right now but to hopefully, ease some of the pitching anxiety. Nope, not pitching this year. If I pitch, I’d rather pitch at local/regional conferences. I feel this is the best place since there aren’t so many pitchers that they all become blurs for the agents/editors.

So, stay tuned. I plan to use my blog to post conference happenings, lessons learned, what I’ve learned and other noteworthy items I think you’ll find interesting.


5 thoughts on “Off to Nationals!

  1. Hi, Cassiel, so good to hear from you while you’re in DC! I’ll be checking back daily to follow your progress. Kudos to you for focusing on networking and your career…You’re my hero!


  2. Thanks for blogging about national! It makes those of us at home feel more connected!

    Great idea about volunteering at the pitch sessions, rubbing elbows with a chapter prez is good for the agents and editors too.

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