Best Laid Plans!

The best laid plans of mice and men… Is that how the saying goes? Well, this and Murphy’s Law, seem to be more applicable turn of phrases than smooth sailing with regard to my intentions for this blog.  Turns out that out of 1300 rooms in this hotel, my room is one of 20 that have bad internet connections.  I didn’t get to post last night and I’m in Business Services within the hotel in order to follow through with what I promised.  So, here I go!

This first post is about making my way here on Tuesday and first impressions.  Feel free to skip ahead. J

The excitement began yesterday in Washington DC after a, thankfully, uneventful straight through flight from Portland to Washington DC. On the way from one terminal to the other terminal (this airport is HUGE!), I was in some kind of cross between a subway and bus (not even sure how to explain this thing) and suddenly, the vehicle lurched to a violent stop. I was standing but had my feet braced and was holding tight (some kind of second sense maybe?) so I was fine; however, a few of my fellow riders were not so lucky. Several took a tumble and the woman sharing my arm hold fell into me. I didn’t get hurt and no one else did but it sure added excitement. I admit, I found it funny. Know why we stopped so hard? Well, turns out we had to make way for a plane to pass. Yep, a big plane. Guess I know who had the right of way!

Once I was in the terminal, after an hour wait for the luggage (who knew it had to travel so far?), I boarded the shuttle to take me to the hotel. Now, that was as pretty drive once we left the traffic of the highways. I shared with other riders so they all got to their stops first. Drove through Georgetown where the shuttle driver provided more excitement as her navigated through streets so narrow, with cars on either side, I’m not sure how a motorcycle would fit but this 6 seater shuttle driver did with such ease I was impressed. But, I have to tell you. I’ll NEVER drive in this crazy town!!! The cars, pedestrians and bikes put our little city to shame and never made me more grateful for living in Portland. No offense to Washington, but that city is packed!

The hotel is, in one word, luxurious. Remember the 1300 rooms? Yep, it’s like a little city here. When I walked into the lobby, I thought our conference had already started there was so much feminine noise. Turns out there’s another conference, the American Federation of Teachers, going on (ended today). Got my room and settled in. Then found out I don’t have Internet and went to bed (hey, running on little sleep from night before!).

More coming!


One thought on “Best Laid Plans!

  1. No internet-what a bummer! I hope the workshop rooms in your hotel have better ac than last year’s did in SF. We roasted and froze! I’ll never attend another conference without a folding fan.

    I hope you met lots of interesting people today and had a great time. Thanks for keeping up the blog despite your internet problems.

    Happy networking!

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