Day Two (Thursday)

Still having internet problems in my room. Go figure. Really, how fair is that? Okay, so here’s what happened Thursday.

Nothing before 10:30 a.m. At least, nothing I attended.  Worked on my stuff for a little and leisurely worked my way to the AGM (Annual General Meeting).  I have to say, that was interesting. Speaking as me, not the President of the chapter, I was hugely disappointed and not a little annoyed that this group pushing this whole RWA change initiative were totally not present or prepared. When the President called for a resolution she’d been told needed to be presented, not a single person of the over 500 members present, had anything to give her. For a while, no one stood up, no one moved. Then, when finally someone did, they expected to be able to use a text message of the resolution. A text message on a small screen! 

Apparently, no one bothered to read RWA’s bylaws on how to amend the bylaws etc. I could almost hear myself growling. The group spent weeks getting this ready, stirring the pot and getting this big initiative going only to let it completely fall apart when it should have mattered. Frankly, it made me not a little more than glad to have not participated. The President let arguments be presented, pro and con but what it all boiled down to is that nothing could happen. There are procedures and processes that needed to be followed and it seemed as if no one on team RWA change had bothered to read them.

The other interesting thing is that even those who spoke out against the “resolution” agreed that e-pubs should be recognized but felt that the resolution was inappropriate because it was so very non-specific and several of the things had been addressed by Board decision a day prior.

All I know is that I also agree that there should be e-pub education and training equal to “traditional” publishing. But changing the standards by which someone is considered PAN? No, I have to say, that I don’t think the criteria should change.

PRO Retreat

Now for the fun stuff. After lunch and Linda Howard as the Keynote speaker, I attended the PRO Retreat. Actually, I hadn’t planned to attend the whole time since there were other workshops I wanted to attend, but once I got in there, I got sucked into all the great things happening and stayed there until it was done. I’m glad I did.

I will have a more formal report since the blog is just not a place big enough to put everything but here are some highlights:

  •  Kicked off with a speech on preservance by Candace Havens. Her number one advice – one I’m sure we’ve heard at least once is – SHOW UP EVERY DAY FOR THE JOB! Her second piece of advice boils down to finish the book!
  • Next up was Madeline Hunter who spoke about “How to Survive Almost There”.  I do have a handout with some notes that I’ll scan and post when I return. She talked about what is almost there and how do we know when we are and what are the challenges of being almost there.
  • After Madeline, next came agent Ethan Ellenberg who gave us a speed racer version of contracts. Again, more to come later (maybe I can get something into the newsletter); however, his main points dealt with royalties (the accounting clause, how much and how calculated) to things he called the “soft clauses” that dealt with option books, pseudonyms and non-complete clauses. He also, briefly, addressed epub contacts and in a nutshell, he doesn’t care for them.
    Thinks they are often too confusing and unclear and usually not to the author’s benefit.
  • After Ethan, Deb Werksman, Editor from Sourcebooks, told us how she acquired a book and what it went through the process to coming to the sales floor. Again, very long and detailed – I will type this up too since I think it will give good information for those wanting to check out Sourcebooks.
  • Last was the agent panel with six agents – Holly Root, Ethan Ellenberg, Melissa Jeglinski, Becca Stumpf, Emmanuelle Alspaugh and Barbara Poelle. They took questions and yeah, I have stuff to share with you all on that but again, too much to put here in the blog.

This pretty much wrapped up this day. After all, what on Earth could follow after? 🙂


One thought on “Day Two (Thursday)

  1. Sounds like a lot to share. Glad you felt PRO retreat was worth it. I’ll be looking for your notes as I’m not there. Thanks for blogging!

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