2010 Nationals – The Beginning

Arrived in Orlando on time, about 4:00 p.m. The pilot took too much pleasure in telling us the temperature was 95. I have no idea what it was when you added humidity. To me, it was freaking hot.

Got on the shuttle for the hotel and 1 hour and 40 minutes later (that was after we must have circled the airport twice to fill up the shuttle and the wait in between time to the 30 minute or so drive to the first hotel) I was FINALLY at the Dolphin, with my critique partner, Kathy Elkins from Alabama. Wave hi, Kathy! This is Kathy’s first Nationals, and I’m thrilled to be experiencing it again through her eyes. Maybe I can get her to post her experiences here too. Checked in and called Su and Darla and made arrangements for dinner. The hotel is quite lovely although there was a lot of discussion about whether the “dolphins” were really “dolphins” but some sort of pretty fish. Okay, so the conference hadn’t started yet – what else were we going to talk about? Now, the hotel room is terrific and, contrary to last year, I actually have internet. Of course, the hotel charges a mandatory fee of $10.00 a day which gets you internet but it’s SLOW. Supposed to be high speed – yeah right. Guess I can pay an extra $5.00 a day to get even higher speed. We’ll see. Had dinner (a very expensive dinner – steaks were priced starting about $35.00 and you still had to add on $7.00 sides!) with Kathy, Su and Darla then we hung out in the bar for a bit for drinks. Settled in for the night about 10 and looking forward to my conference start tomorrow.


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