2010 Nationals – Wednesday

Picked up the registration stuff at 8:00 – nice canvas tote, about 8 books and my tickets, etc. for the conference. And for me, most importantly, my first sale ribbon!!!! Of course, it WASN’T in the packet so I had to bug them for it. Sigh. Not sure why it was missed but I did get it. I feel very awesome walking around with it – total strangers coming up to me and saying congratulations. Next year, maybe I’ll get to do the literacy autographing!

Went to the leadership seminar at 9:00 a.m. First half of the day was spent on going over the chapter governance rule from RWA, how to run a meeting and a lot of information on the do’s and don’ts to keep our affiliation with RWA and to keep RWA still running for another 30 years. There’s a lot of crackdown by the IRS on our type of organizations which drives everything we do. I definitely came away with some things for our chapter. I won’t bore this loop with those details – for those of you who are my chapter-mates – you’ll get that later. :-D.

Outside of discussing chapter governance, had a nice lunch with fellow writers. We talked a bit about writing, but mostly about leadership and succession planning within the chapters. Met the chairwoman of the leadership committee, Stephanie Jones, a lovely lady with lots of energy and enthusiasm. She made a pitch to volunteer at the National level. Just like our chapter, the National level needs volunteer support.

Then, it was “free” time and a bit of time to relax before dinner. Dinner at a place that sold burgers, sandwiches and the like – bonus was good food AND much cheaper. Saw agent Kevan Lyon, waved hi and she waved back with a warm smile (I think she remembers me from last year when we had a nice conversation – could be my red hair :-D). At 8, Kathy went to the first timer’s orientation (see her post following this for her reactions).

After leaving Kathy, I happened to be walking by the registration area and ran into the uber-sweet Terri Reed and we talked for a bit but then noticed the line to pick up registration was at least 10 people deep and one person doing the whole thing. She was doing a great job, still, we offered to help and Terri and I ended up giving out stuff. We had a blast! It was fun to see everyone come in and there were lots of first timers. Plus I ran into Gennita Low again (met her in Seattle about two years ago) and, wow, she gave me a free book! I didn’t get her to sign it ‘cause the line was long – I figure on tracking her down over the next couple of days. And I can’t wait to read it.

Back in the room, trying to decide if I’m going to go down to the bar. Maybe I’ll drag Kathy down there when she gets back at 9. Got to see who I know and say hi. Not a big bar person and definitely not big on staying up late – especially not since I have an author breakfast with Samhain at 8:00 a.m. I need all the beauty rest I can get before the very busy day tomorrow.

Tomorrow, I’m hoping to be able to stalk, er, run into agents Jenn Schober and slithery Barbara Poelle (not my term, that would be Janet Reid’s term for Ms. Poelle). These are both wonderful agents I credit with keeping me going and helping me get Relic Defender published. Neither one represents me (darn it) but both had a part. Barbara was the first to love my story and keep my spirits high (she doesn’t rep paranormal) and Jenn did a critique of my first three chapters and wow, all I can say is how much that critique helped me improve. Two very wonderful and kind ladies.

Time to close out for now. Take a look at Kathy’s blog and I’ll post tomorrow about the AGM, keynote luncheon speaker, the phenomenal Nora Roberts and for the PROs, what I learned at the PRO Retreat.


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