Ah…A Writer’s Life

It’ Saturday morning, about 10:30 a.m., West Coast time. I’m sitting on a deck overlooking a beautiful yard with the sound of a water fountain in the background. Straight ahead, is a sparkling lake, sunlight dancing on the water like diamonds. The sun is shining, but it’s not hot because I’m under an umbrella and there’s a lovely breeze. Stately pine and fir trees line the lake, and the air is cool and clean. Up until a bit ago, the only sounds were the trickling of the fountain, the splash of water on the little sandy beach and the chirp of birds mixed with an occasional bark of a dog or the soft chatter of humans (the slightly intrusive sound is that of a saw cutting wood followed by hammering).

Sounds pretty perfect, doesn’t it?

No, I’m not at home, darn it. While I love my house, especially since we’ve gotten some work done, a long-time dream of mine is to have a vacation home on a lake, or even better, at the Oregon coast. But until that can happen, I use someone else’s vacation home.

Currently, I and seven other writer friends, are sharing the home in honor of one of my friend’s birthday. You see, we are all writers and, for her birthday, what she wanted most was to spend the weekend writing with her closest friends. Talk about unselfish.

Now, it’s for her birthday, yet, I feeling I’m getting as much benefit from this as she is. I wrote twenty-one pages yesterday on The Death Skull, book 2 of my Relic Defender series with Samhain and, today, feel confident I’ll be able to get another twenty+ pages done. Oh, and the man candy here? That’s my idea of what Jackson, the hero of book 2, looks like. Pretty yummy, huh?

There’s something inspirational about beautiful scenery and being surrounded by close friends with a total focus on writing. I love my very supportive husband and my three adorable dogs and enjoy being with them, but writing feeds my soul in a way not much else has.

I feel blessed that I’ve found a profession I love so much. And I feel even more blessed that I’ve found two publishers/editors who have given me the opportunity to continue to do what I love.

How about you? What feeds your soul? Are you indulging? If not, why not?


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