Update – What Have I been Doing?

I know, it’s been a week, I think, since I’ve posted. And it might be another simply because I’m getting a new site!

I’ve wanted a new site for a long time. This one is okay but it doesn’t really illustrate what I write. For a while now, I’ve been on the waiting list for this amazing designed, Rachel, her handle is Parajunkee and you can find her here.  Well, last week she emailed me and it’s my turn! I feel like it’s Christmas in March. Or at least, an early birthday gift to myself. So, that’s the first bit of news and why I’m not posting too much right now. I want to leap into my new site which will combine this site and my Relic Defender site. Yes, I’m getting exhausted trying to think about posting to three sites (this one, Relic Defender and See Jane Publish – this last one which I share with Nancy Brophy and Susan Lute. Haven’t seen it? Go check it out. I’m far more prolific there.).

In other news, I just sold my fourth book, Blood on the Moon, a paranormal action romance that is Tomb Raider meets The Librarian, to Champagne Book Group. Even better, it comes out this October! So, the end of this year, I have two books coming out:  The Death Skull, book 2 to Relic Defender series and Blood on the Moon, book 1 in the Children of Egypt series.  All I can say is wow! Life is good and I couldn’t be happier. And that is almost scary.

Anyway, that’s what’s going on right now. When my gorgeous new site is up, I’ll be back to posting.


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