Blood on the Moon

Looking for a home for this one.

To save the lives of those she loves, a sexy tomb raider reunites with a charismatic ex-lover to find an ancient weapon of incredible destructive power with a taste for blood.

Mia Landon’s troubles begin the moment her partner surprises her with a job that threatens those close to her when she’s forced to use her tomb raiding skills to find the flaming arrows of the Goddess Sekhmet which could not only destroy her rag-tag family but also the human race. To do this, she needs the help of Harrison Stanton, her stuffy, but oh so yummy, Egyptologist and expert on Sekhmet, ex-boyfriend.

Soon, Mia finds the people around her harbor more secrets than there are stars. Including the secret of her birth which changes her life forever.

While Blood on the Moon stands alone, it is the first book in series featuring the children of Ancient Egypt’s Gods and Goddesses that mixes Egyptian mythology with archeology, a dreamy Egyptologist and a hefty dose of kick-assitude.

Want more? Check out the excerpt.

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