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Hit Me With Your Best Shot Releases Soon!

I’ve spent so much time focusing on promoting and discussing Key of Solomon, the first book of my Relic Defender series with Samhain, that I keep quiet about Hit Me With Your Best Shot.  I’d like to remedy that today.

Hit Me With Your Best Shot was originally released in 2007 by New Concepts Publishing. This was before I knew anything about epublishing or even how to promo. Writer tip – don’t wait until you have a book published to learn about promotion and marketing. When they say it’s too late, it really is too late. By that, I mean, bringing yourself up to speed on promoting is a nightmare. Learn what you can now.

Back to Best Shot. It made a little. Not much. It’s not erotic, and I didn’t promo. That was okay. I learned and I had the experience. Last year, after I got the rights back, I found a home for it with Lyrical Press (www.lyricalpress.com).  On February 20, it releases with a new cover and updated story thanks to my terrific editor. And to give myself a little credit, let’s say I’ve learned a lot since 2007. Show, don’t tell anyone? 😀 It’s definitely a better told story.

To celebrate my newest release, starting on the 20th, I’ll have some giveaways and goodies for you to share in the re-launch of a new and improved Hit Me With Your Best Shot.

Click on the page above to read the blurb and the first chapter.